We are excited to announce that we recently acquired a new property that is over three times the size of the current location. This new location will not only allow us to rescue exponentially more animals in need, it will also allow for an education barn that will host unique, engaging, hands-on learning programs for at-risk youth. These will run the gamut from environmental science and math to art and music, to wellness programs on life skills and self care. All of these programs will share one, crucial component: they will instill compassion and kindness for all living beings.

But first, they need you. Building is starting from the ground up, and because our new location excitingly features state of the art, sustainable design features never before used in a sanctuary setting, there is a lot to do. While construction began this fall, there is still a very long way to go before any of this can happen. This is where you can help.

Will you help the kids and the animals? Donate now to help build their futures.