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Building Sanctuary

Thank you for your interest in helping build a sanctuary for all!

No denying it now—winter is HERE!  But there is a lot to do, and we can’t do it without your generous support. We must complete building and move everyone to our new campus by the end of this month. We’re halfway to our goal but still need $130,000 to move the animals still residing in Mehoopany to their new home in Dalton.

The Bird Village is almost complete.  In just a few weeks, we will be welcoming our feathered friends home.  Our no-climb fencing—needed for the animals’ safety—is nearly finished as well but must be completed before we can bring the remaining pigs and goats home.  One final structure remains to be built in the last empty pasture and must be finished before the mules can move.
Completing these projects will help us be more efficient with time, staff, and resources.  And most importantly, it will be safer for the animals.

We’re almost there! But we need YOU. Will you join in building a sanctuary for all?


These funds are needed for things like:

– animal housing

Housing still needs to be completed for the horses and mules, as well as for all of the birds. All housing is designed with flexibility to fit all the needs of all of the animals who live there. The funds raised to build sanctuary will help ensure that every new and existing structure is ready for the animals.

– safety and security

Fencing is one of the most important features of the new sanctuary, as they create pastures for the animals and more importantly, keeps them safe and secure from predators. Funds raised to help build sanctuary will contribute to additional fencing needed to keep everyone safe so they can roam happily and freely in their pastures.

– feed storage

In order to keep food and hay fresh and nutritious for the animals, proper storage is crucial. Funds raised to build sanctuary will help build the necessary food storage facilities.

cost breakdown

The Building Sanctuary Goal of $260,000 is broken down into three categories:


video tour

progress photos

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