Wendell was found wandering a park in Clarks Summit, PA, in the middle of March by a kind soul who then brought him to Indraloka. There were no reports of lost piglets, and no one came forward to claim him. It is unclear how he ended up there, but it is quite lucky he was found when he was. It was a mild day when he was found, but there were many very cold days following his adventure that we are not sure he would have survived on his own.

Since arriving at Indraloka, Wendell has been a ball of energy and personality. He has learned proper pig manners from Blue and the other mini pigs with whom he now lives. He has even learned how to wallow in mud properly (in addition to loving sitting in clean pools or water troughs), and seems to have rooting down to an art. He loves belly rubs and food, of course. Some of his favorite treats are peeled oranges and carrots.

Recently, Wendell met our newest pot-belly, Mazzie, who had been brought to Indraloka after having been neglected and possibly abused. Naturally, there was some posturing at first, but soon the two took to rooting around the barn together like chums. Wendell will have his new friend with him and the other pot-bellies in their pasture in no time.