I am someone. I matter. And I didn’t always look this way. I was young and carefree and healthy once. People thought I was cute and funny and took videos of my antics. Please hear my story.

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A Goat Called Blessing

Maddie’s story is every goats story. She’s a lucky goat, having landed with us, and she now enjoys living every day to the fullest, with full trust in her new home with her new friends.

Maddie is the most peaceful and gracious creature, and she deserves every bit of love we’re constantly offering her!

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Mookie came to us a neglected, starving calf, missing his mother. He was taken under his wing by our resident matriarch, Penny, who has a miraculous story of her own surrounding Mookie’s arrival! Happy and healthy now, Mookie came out of his shell thanks to the love of Penny along with his dear goat friend, Lief, both of whom have since passed. Sometimes a fellow beings purpose in life is to help you shine, and boy, does Mookie shine!

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Vanna came to us from a “humane farm” where she was used to breed goats for meat. She had many babies–all of which were taken from her–until her body was old and she was no longer able to withstand the stress. The farmer was about to sell her to slaughter, but his daughter had become very attached to her, so he offered to give her to us instead. Vanna now lives happily at Indraloka and has free range of the grounds. She enjoys spending time with her best friends Maddie, Selick, and Sir Clifford Sweetmudd. Her favorite foods are those taken from her friends. She is very friendly and follows people around the sanctuary, insisting on head scratches, and she is always trying to sneak into the barn.

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eddie traffic


Aptly named, this rockstar pig has been quite a sensation here at Indraloka! He even has his own Facebook page!

After finding himself in a truck headed to slaughter, with just a number pinned to his ear, Eddie Traffic said to himself “today is MY day!” and took a leap of faith….right out onto the highway. A *very* good Samaritan sat with him on the highway until we were able to bring him home to the sanctuary. Read about his story here:

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Eddie Traffic is the hungriest, happiest, most joy-filled soul you’re likely to ever meet. Many lessons can be learned from this great boy.

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Count matthias hoitytotitytot


Count Matthias Hoitytotitytot (Mattie for short) was rescued from becoming someone’s Easter dinner when he was just a few months old. When he arrived, he was sickly, with terrible worms, coccidia, and other GI troubles that come from being raised in a typically unclean farm that raises animals for consumption.

Happily, with a lot of TLC, he made a full recovery. Today, he is an extremely affectionate and outgoing sheep– not very sheepish at all!

He loves fresh parsley, red kale, and green onions, as well as afternoons lolling in sunshine, as long as it is not too hot.

Mattie is named after a lovely and kind woman who sponsored his rescue shortly before she herself left this earth.

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