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Meet The Animals | Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

Meet The Animals


Grover the Snowy was found in the middle of the road late at night with no houses or humans around for miles.  As an Albino bunny, he could never have survived in the wild. An …

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Sraddha and Emunah

We were recently contacted by a family who had become overwhelmed with the animals in their care.  They recognized a need for help and they reached out.  Today, we were able to bring home two elderly …

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Mira was rescued from a hoarding situation. When she came to us, her hooves were so overgrown and infected from the filthy barn floors in the hoarding situation, she was unable to stand or walk.  …

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Beautiful Satya narrowly escaped the fate that so many horses face: transport to Mexico for slaughter. What made this beauty so undesirable? A limp. Satya has a club foot and was therefore not suitable for …

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Dignified Tao was about to be someone’s Easter dinner when we were lucky enough to have the chance to intervene. From the moment we brought him to the sanctuary, he has wowed us with his …

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Fancy was rescued from a “kill sale”– an auction where horses are sold for meat. At the time, she suffered chronic lameness and was extremely thin. Completely sound now, Fancy enjoys her retirement years lolling …

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Beti (pronounced BET-ah) was living with a flock of wild geese, although she is domestic. One day, employees of a Dollar Store in Ohio saw her get hit by a car. They were very kind …

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Snuffleupagus (Gus for short) is a Scottish Highlander who was part of a nearby herd, and she was about to be slaughtered. The farmer had gotten a gas lease, so he decided to get out …

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We’re updating Gigi’s story. Please check back soon. Gigi would love for you to join her Circle of Compassion. You can join it by sponsoring her with a monthly donation of any amount. To join …

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Sandy was found in absolutely deplorable conditions and was on the brink of death. When she was found, she was unable to stand on her own. She was suffering from meningeal worms- a parasite that …

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