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Gauri, a Sanskrit word meaning white, or shining and brilliant, is a two and a half year old cow who was rescued in late 2021.  She was the last cow …

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Snuffleupagus (Gus for short) is a Scottish Highlander who was part of a nearby herd, and she was about to be slaughtered. The farmer had gotten a gas lease, so …

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Rupert is a striking young cow who came to the sanctuary in 2016 as a very young, very fragile baby.  Discovered on a roadway as an unrecognizable ball of fluff …

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Moksha, nicknamed “Mookie,” came to Indraloka after he was unknowingly born at a farm. He was found in a field after his mother had been sold to slaughter, so he …

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Nanda Sadhu

Nanda Sadhu, often referred to as just Sadhu, was rescued by a group of doctors on Long Island. One of the doctors had been purchasing milk from a local “humane” …

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