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Franklin was found wandering down the street with an ear tag much bigger than his face, seemingly having escaped a slaughter truck.  He was rescued by some kind people and …

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Kimaya is the youngest female in the goat herd, and she has been full of spirit and tenacity since the day she was rescued.  Always on top of the tallest …

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Bapu means Father, and often spiritual Father specifically.  He is the father figure of the goat herd at Indraloka, and his family was rescued together from a small dairy farm …

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Close up of rescue goat Ramona


Ramona was bred on a small family dairy farm to provide milk for profit. She and Bapu bore five kids, while Bapu also bore two children with Serendipity. The entire …

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Mira was rescued from a hoarding situation. When she came to us, her hooves were so overgrown and infected from the filthy barn floors in the hoarding situation, she was …

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