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Eve was found wandering the streets of Scranton on Christmas Eve 2020 when a kind family found her and took her home to safety. Unable to provide her with the life a young pig needs, …

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Chandra was rescued in January of 2020. He was found abandoned on the side of the highway, emaciated and near death. A rough, rope-like, metal substance was embedded muscle-deep around his entire body. It had …

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Blue was born from Ming Nau, one of four pigs that were rescued from a dark, dangerous, and dirty barn in 2008. They were left without food or water, so in desperation, many of the …

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Duncan, along with his brother Nugget, was bred at a farm that planned to raise them for meat. Their mother died during the birth, so the farmer asked for community members to foster and bottle …

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In a last-ditch effort, Dominic escaped from slaughter transport and evaded the humans around him to hide himself, trembling, in a pile of hay. He was found by a kind woman from Omega Horse Rescue, …

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Mazor Ner Tamid (Hebrew for Healing Eternal Light), or “Mazzie” for short, was rescued from an extreme case of cruelty and neglect by Humane Law Enforcement. He was brought to Indraloka with six other animals- …

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