The Indraloka caregivers work tirelessly to make sure our beloveds are safe, happy, and healthy. Through the bitter cold (the weather this week was well below freezing with windchills), through the hot, hot heat, they are by the animals’ side every single day. They have helped change so many animals lives, helping them to eat, walk, play, and trust again. Their love for the animals shows in how much the animals love them back. Indraloka could not do what we do without their dedication, and the animals could not live the happy, peaceful, and free lives that they do today without them.


Since the animals need to be cared for around the clock, the caregivers need housing on site. That is why we need your help. Your donation of any amount will help build on-site cabins so a caregiver can always be close by to care for the animal residents.

Help us show them love and appreciation by becoming a Cupid for Caregivers! 


*Please note: If we don’t raise enough to begin construction on caregiver cabins through the Cupids for Caregivers campaign, money may be used towards contsruction of an animal barn.