whodini-and-mike-fall-20141Mike Freidlin is a naturalist, athlete, vegan animal rights activist, and environmental science educator with 35 years of teaching experience. In his role as middle and high school science teacher for the Abington Heights, Pennsylvania school district, (a role he held from 1989 until his retirement this year). Mike acted as the Middle and High School Ecology Club Advisor, and led more than 700 student members of the Tropical Rainforest Ecology Club on trips to such destinations as Panama, Costa Rica, and Ecuador, where they learned about rainforest protection, the rights and concerns of animals and indigenous communities, and students’ roles and responsibilities as global citizens. Mike’s teaching expertise extends to special needs and emotionally traumatized children as well as gifted children.  Mike has served on Board of Directors for Lackawanna Audubon Society and Save The Rainforest.

Mike generously shares his knowledge and expertise with the sanctuary for all of us to benefit from the power of connecting more deeply with our planet. Enjoy!

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