duncan & nugget

Duncan and Nugget were bred at a farm that planned to raise them for meat. The sow died during the birth, and the farmer asked for community members to foster and bottle feed the piglets. A kind woman bottle fed and fell in love with the two piglets. She worked at a school, so she took them back and forth everyday to allow the children and pigs to bond. When it was time for the pigs to be weaned, she could not bear the thought of them going to slaughter, so she negotiated with the farmer to bring them to us instead. They are intelligent pigs with a great sense of humor. They love visitors– except the vet! Their favorite pastimes are taking long walks and getting belly rubs. Nugget is extremely laid back, and he is quick to forgive. Duncan, on the other hand, is a bit more sensitive and emotional. You can tell Duncan from Nugget by his eyes, they are larger and he has darker skin around them, like eye shadow.