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Eve was found wandering the streets of Scranton on Christmas Eve 2020 when a kind family found her and took her home to safety. Unable to provide her with the life a young pig needs, they contacted us in hopes that we could give her a forever home. We tried to find out where she might have come from incase someone was missing her, but no one came forward.

Still trying to finalize our move and raise enough funds to get everyone to Dalton, we were not prepated to rescue another animal. But we couldn’t bear the thought of her gighting for survival in the cold. Can you imagine how frightened she must have felt, all alone?  We were grateful to answer that call with an enthusiastic “Yes!”

Greeting us with kisses and grunts every day, she loves all of the human animals at the sanctuary, and has been made quick friends with the non-human animals as well. She has been rolling for joy- literally! Watch the video below to see just how happy she is to be home.

While she was healthy, a great weight, and happy at the time of her rescue, she did have some overgrown hooves that needed attention, and had irritated skin on her backside- both of which were addressed after a vet visit and some easy treatments.

Eve would be delighted to have a sponsor.

Just imagine how much more she would be rolling around if she knew you wanted to help provide her the happiness she deserves! Her care costs about $3,000 a year, but you can sponsor her for any monthly amount or even a one-time gift.

To join Eve’s Circle of Compassion and to help cover the costs of her nutritious food, warm shelter, and medical care, click the button below:

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