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Houdini †6/29/2022 was rescued when he was only one day old. Like all male calves, he was quickly separated from his mother and was scheduled to be sent to a veal farm. At veal farms, male calves like Houdini are kept in small, filthy, isolated crates to keep their muscles soft and tender for eating after they are sold at 20 weeks old.

We are grateful that Houdini was able to escape this horrifying fate and spend his life with us at Indraloka.

Houdini was one of our largest animal beloveds, and he had been with us the longest out of everyone in the cow herd. His old age and size caused him some health issues as he struggled with bouts of arthritis, but with some extra care and close work with his vet, he enjoyed his time as leader of the herd, snacking on apples, and lounging in the sunlight in his brand new, beautiful pasture.

The gargantuan leader of the bovine herd, Houdini was a recognizable face at the sanctuary who brought joy to everyone he met. Seven feet tall, he was a gentle giant, growing much larger than most of his species. His size eventually became too much for his legs to support. He was surrounded by love as he took his last breath.

We would love for you to join Houdini’s Circle of Compassion in his memory.

You can join it by sponsoring him with a monthly donation of any amount. 

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