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Iris and Koa

In the early days of 2023, we were contacted by the Pennsylvania SPCA in Danville about a desperate situation for a small herd of cows and sheep living in deplorable conditions, with some animals on the property already dead. The farm they were raised on was shut down for cruelty and these animals were taken in temporarily by the PSPCA but they were at capacity—there just wasn’t room for everyone. Thankfully, we had room for the two sheep–both are pregnant and severely emaciated. Their living conditions were so inadequate–they weren’t getting enough food or water and didn’t have enough shelter from the weather. These sheep needed a new home where they could safely deliver their babies, knowing they’ll never be torn apart.

While in quarantine at the Danville SPCA, Dr. Leslie Interlandi, our staff veterinarian, was able to regularly visit and stay informed of their health and the health of their pregnancies. The sheep were visibly terrified, shaking and one even cowering behind the other. They still had several weeks to go on their pregnancies and both moms would need to gain weight. Their body conditions were dangerously emaciated. 

When finally, they were cleared of communicable illnesses we made arrangements to bring them home to Indraloka and introduce them to the rest of the herd.  After a bit of encouragement, they both leaped out of the transport truck and began exploring their new home. They greeted their new herd through the fencing and sniffed and grazed on the grass, acclimating themselves to their new surroundings. Both girls are still extremely frightened and cautious of humans. We can only imagine the horrors they may have faced to make them cower away from a kind hand reaching out, but we are confident that they will begin to learn to trust and accept love soon.

With our naming contest over, we are pleased to introduce Iris and Koa.

The name Iris is of Greek and Dutch origins. It means rainbow, is the name of a beautiful spring flower, and is also the name of part of the eye. We have named the larger of the two sheep Iris, for she is blossoming like a flower in the sun with the attention and care she is receiving here. She now approaches us more courageously and will take food and treats from our hands.  

Koa is a Hawaiian name meaning warrior or brave one, and is also the name of a tree that is traditionally used to build canoes. The smaller of the two, Koa is very athletic and has been known to leap clear over us with seemingly little effort.

Both Iris and Koa are improving both in health and in their trust of their new home.  They are especially fond of Sunita and the three of them often spend their days together.

Iris and Koa would love for you to join their Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring them with a monthly donation of any amount. 

To join Iris and Koa’s Circle of Compassion and to help cover the costs of their nutritious food, warm shelter, and medical care, click the button below:

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