Pen Pal Program for Classrooms

Thank you so much for your interest in Indraloka’s Animal Pen Pal Program! The animals can’t wait to hear from your classroom!

To sign-up for the program, please complete the form below. There will be ONE animal penpal assigned to each class.  Every child can write to the animal, or the class can write one collective letter, and the animal will respond and acknowledge every child in the classroom in their weekly letter.

Plan to hear from the penpal either weekly if you prefer email, or bi-weekly if you prefer postal service.

If a child would like to register for a personal penpal, they can be directed to the individual sign up tab here.

Please email when you are ready for your penpal experience to begin, which will prompt the first exchange. We look forward to meeting our new penpals!


*If you are registering more than one classroom, please list each section (ie. Grade 3 section 1, Grade 3 section 2, etc. so that each class gets its own penpal.
The following information will remain confidential, but is collected for the funding of Hopeful Heroes, Indraloka Animal Sanctuary’s education initiative:
African American / Black %______ | Caucasian %______ | Asian / Pacific Islander %______ | Latinx / Hispanic %______ | Native American / American Indian/First Nation %______ | Mixed Race/Ethnicity %______ | Other %______
Special Education % _________ | Persons with disabilities %_________ | Female identified %_________ | Male identified %_________