Hopeful Heroes Online

Welcome, friends!

My name is Sarah, Miss Thornton if you prefer, and as the Professional Pig Snuggler and Director of Education at Indraloka I’m so excited to introduce opportunities for kids and kids at heart through this innovative partnership between Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and Lacawac Sanctuary.  Together, we will explore music, nature, compassion, journaling, meditation- and everyone’s favorite- animal stories! All activities will all be easy to do from home, indoors or outdoors, with or without most supplies, alone or with others, and appropriate for all ages.

On occasion, we will be going live on Facebook, but if social media is not your thing, we will also provide email updates and the links and activities will be accessible on the website.  There will be a lot of videos shared so that we may go on virtual field trips together- can you imagine forest bathing, frolicking with cows, snuggling pigs, and driving a tractor?! You will!


I want to empower you, my new friends, to help guide our journey together.  I have a lot of fun ideas already and so does our Lacawac teacher friend Jamie, but what I’d like everyone to do, is to take 15 minutes to explore the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary (a sanctuary for rescued farm animals) webpage at www.indraloka.org and 15 minutes to explore the Lacawac Sanctuary (wildlife and nature refuge) webpage at www.lacawac.org and email me with five things you’d like to learn about or see more of from each sanctuary.



After your screen time, or in between websites, I’d also like for you to print and color our logo, found here.  If you’d like to put your name on it, please use first names only- and then share it on our Facebook page, or email it to sarah@indraloka.org so that we can use your artwork to start a virtual classroom!  While the animals are missing some of their human friends just as we are during this unusual time, seeing your artwork displayed will lift their hearts almost as much as a belly rub and a slice of apple!

Remember, send your requests, interests, and artwork to sarah@indraloka.org