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“A New Way of Learning”

The sanctuary offers innovative and engaging educational opportunities for thousands of marginalized children and youth. Indraloka’s Hopeful Heroes Initiative provides learning opportunities in the following four focus areas:
Academics Outside the Classroom – Indraloka’s Hopeful Heroes initiative includes STEAM learning in a fun and engaging setting. We have learned that children learn faster and perform better academically when given the opportunity to learn in a relaxed, natural setting in the company of rescued animals.

Life Skills & Special Needs – Many of our youth visitors have special needs, or could benefit from additional support in developing life skills. We offer a variety of customizable opportunities for students who need a little extra.

Emotional Support – Indraloka partners with a number of child psychologists and emotional care organizations. We offer the opportunity for therapists to bring their clients to the sanctuary, spending time with the animals as part of their healing journey. Therapists have often told us that children open up better and are able to begin healing more readily when they are around rescued animals, with whom they often identify.

At-Risk Populations – Indraloka’s Hopeful Heroes initiative presents opportunities to low income, at-risk teens, many of whom are homeless, in the areas of art, music, technology, and physical activity– subjects that have been removed from their schools in entirety– in an inclusive setting that teaches compassion, kindness, and self-awareness.

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