Reduce, replace, repeat…

The internet abounds with information and resources to eliminate animal products from your diet and your life. However, it still may seem like a huge step. You may not be sure what to eat, you may not be sure how you will feel. Our advice is simple. Go easy and slow. Start with eliminating dairy and meat from your diet for one meal a week. Then try two. Soon, you will be celebrating meatless Mondays. Who knows, you might feel so great you’ll throw Tuesdays in!

Below are a few of our favorite online resources for making the transition.

Taking the first steps:

Vegan 101

Meatless Monday

Food and Recipes:

Jamie Oliver’s Vegan Recipes

Vegetarian Times

Inspiration to keep going:

7 Documentaries That Could Change Your Life

Why go vegan?

The Kind Life

Dr. Alex Hershaft’s Story