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Indraloka is now offering low-cost veterinary services to low-income households

Bringing a rescued companion animal into your life can be one of the most fulfilling relationships you will ever have.  But it doesn’t come without costs.  With the incredible shortage of veterinary care available and the high costs, for some families, rescuing a beloved dog or cat just isn’t practical.  For some households, when an animal needs more serious procedures like sterilization surgery or specialized medicine, high costs can mean animals are going without treatment.  Indraloka is now able to offer low-cost veterinary care to low-income households.

The NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic, previously only open to non-profit organizations, is now able to offer its full line of service to households that meet income requirements.  To see if you qualify, click HERE.  

Dr. Leslie Interlandi, DVM, and her full staff are highly qualified and well trained to treat a variety of animal species.  The clinic is open M-F from 8-4.   

A veterinarian and her assistant performing surgery on a cat
Veterinary Clinic at Indraloka
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