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The face of “humane farming.”


I know it’s hard to look at me.  But I am someone.  I matter. Read Maddie’s story…

Maddie is safe now with us at Indraloka. She is no longer a label, like ‘grass-fed,’ ‘pasture-raised,’ ‘cage-free,’ or ‘locally/humanely raised.’ She will just be Maddie, label-free, and deserving of the life she’s always dreamed of.

Read about Maddie’s progress and see for yourself her beautiful transformation:

Maddie now knows joy and love, but her rescue isn’t over. She is undergoing expensive medical treatments and will need extra care over the course of the next few months as she regains her health.

Will you help us raise $3,000 for Maddie’s care as she acclimates to her new, safe, warm, healthy and happy life? Click below to donate directly to Maddie:


*Every donation to Maddie will be matched dollar-for-dollar.

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