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Oak Drive Development

For years, Indraloka’s mission has been to provide “heaven on earth” for farm animals that have nowhere else to turn, and to inspire and empower the community on ways in which we can better care for ourselves and the environment while helping animals in need. While rescuing and providing for the animals will always be the main focus, the ultimate goal is to provide a peaceful escape and a kindness-based sanctuary for all who visit, with a focus on the children- they are our future, after all. Now, together, we have that opportunity.
As you probably already know, we recently acquired a new property that is over three times the size of the current location.This new location will offer countless more opportunities for the animals, the children, and the community. 


For the Animals:

This location will be designed with the animals in mind, so they will receive the highest quality of care available. There will be an on-site hospital, a full-time vet tech, high-tech medical equipment, and more to keep them safe and healthy, especially in the case of an emergency. 
We always ensure that every individual in our care makes their own choices. In our new location, every beloved resident will have private indoor and outdoor spaces they can access anytime. When they are there, no visitors have access. The animals choose whether and when to participate.
And since this property has much more space, we will be able to rescue many more animals desperately in need of that care.

For the Kids:

This new location will allow for an education barn that will host several unique, engaging, hands-on learning programs. With the addition of a new humane education team and the ability to involve and educate children and the community, more people will make the connection between one’s own health and well-being to that of the environment.

For the Community:

The community will benefit from this move, too- and that includes you. The new location will offer informational hiking trails, peaceful meditation areas, a beautiful art gallery, comfortable and convenient0overnight accommodations, event hosting space, and much more to be enjoyed by all who visit.

But first, they need you. Building is starting from the ground up, and because the new location excitingly features state of the art, sustainable design features never before used in a sanctuary setting, there is a lot to do. While construction has already begun, there is still a very long way to go before any of this can happen.
Here is a list of the pending structures, in order of urgency:

1-Education Barn


2-Tal Large Animal Barn


3- Flagship Barn


4-Fencing and Pasture Care




6-Caregiver Cabins


Be part of this story. We can’t do it without you. Please consider donating to help build this sanctuary for all. 

For naming opportunities, please contact Indra at indra@indraloka.org.

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