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Want to meet the new baby piglets?  They’re still too fragile to meet everyone in person, but they certainly love the camera!  When you sponsor our beloved newest rescues, you’re supporting their most basic care needs.  These delicate babies have been without their mom since the day they were born.  But we’ve been with them every minute of every day, feeding them, keeping them warm, and monitoring their health.

It’s a BIG job for such little pigs, but it’s also BIG FUN!  And we want to share it with you!

As a special treat, when you give $25 to support the piglets, you have the opportunity to join a live video chat where you can see the babies play, nap, and snuggle!  With your gift of $100, you can book a private video chat where you can gain exclusive access and get all of your questions answered.  You might even be the first to learn their new names!

Make your gift now

You can schedule your Party with the Piglets by making your gift now.

Click the link below to get started:

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