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Cocoa Rose, Rosie for short, was just a tiny newborn lamb when her mother was run over by a tractor. A worker at the farm that was breeding her mother and other sheep for milk, meat, and wool was irritated because the sheep kept getting out of the fence. So, he ran over Rosie’s mother and some other sheep right in front of her. The worker then posted the video that a coworker had taken of the violent incident on social media, and a kind woman who lived nearby was able to intervene. With help from humane police, the sheep were removed from the farm. We were able to place all of the adults in other sanctuaries, and Rosie came home with us. Rosie is now a self assured adult  who is no longer afraid of humans or tractors. Her best friends are Sunita and Sandy, and she was very close to Major TeeHee Jones, who recently crossed over at the ripe old age of 16.

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