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Corporate Giving

You’re in Good Company

Indraloka is grateful to have the support of many corporations, individuals and well-known personalities in our local community and across the globe. Some of our strongest advocates include:

  • Toyota of Scranton,
  • A Well Fed World,
  • Switch4Good and its founder, Olympic medalist Dotsie Bausch,
  • Actresses Elaine Hendrix (The Parent Trap) and Gianna Simone (Star Trek Into Darkness),
  • Paola Giangiacomo (Call the Doctor), and
  • Mark Hiller (WBRE Eyewitness News).

Corporate Sponsorship

Indraloka welcomes corporate partners who are able to contribute financial resources.

We offer customized recognition packages to share your kindness with our network and would be pleased to work with you to create recognition that meets your needs and highlights your community support.

In addition to general operating funds which can be used where the Sanctuary needs it most, we are happy to direct your funds to a project or event that aligns with your philanthropic goals.

Some of these projects are:


Our annual event celebrating life welcomes nearly 200 individuals onto Sanctuary grounds to participate in a Feast for the Birds, brief program and a delicious chef-prepared plant-based meal. 

Guests take home a “goody bag” valued at over $125 of plant-based, cruelty-free, donated products.  ThanksLiving focuses on a better understanding of food and how what we choose to eat makes a difference. 

ThanksLiving offers several sponsorship levels with varying opportunities to engage your organization’s staff, network and brand.

Hopeful Heroes

At Indraloka, we believe in investing in our future through education and engagement of young people.  Hopeful Heroes features several programs to engage with young people and students from a variety of backgrounds including at-risk and homeless youth. 

Hopeful Heroes is an EITC-approved program. 

By sponsoring Hopeful Heroes, your organization is ensuring that the next generation is exposed to opportunities to grow in compassion and love—all while helping animals in need.

Building Sanctuary

This capital project is focused on completing the building of our new campus in Dalton and making sure that the animals already at Indraloka have the space and facilities needed to ensure their safety, health and happiness. 

By sponsoring Building Sanctuary, your organization has the opportunity to invest in the future of the sanctuary, increase our ability to rescue more animals and welcome more humans.  In addition, our buildings were all designed with conserving resources in mind. 

Several naming opportunities are still available.

NEPA Rescue Veterinary Clinic

With a shortage of veterinarians across Northeast PA, Indraloka has often had to drive hours to find a caring doctor with knowledge of farm animal care, sometimes with animals in great pain.  We recognize that this is a challenge not just for us, but for other rescues in our area. 

To help meet this need, Indraloka has hired a full-time veterinarian, Dr. Leslie Interlandi.  Construction of a complete veterinary clinic and hospital is underway and will soon offer low-cost veterinary care to our neighboring sanctuaries and rescues. 

Sponsoring this project would highlight your organization’s love of all animals and your understanding that specialized care is critical. 

Annual Support

Your company’s annual support of general operating funds goes to directly support the care of the animals and maintenance of our operational activities.  By committing to annual giving, you are helping to ensure that we have the resources needed—year after year—to take care of the animals that call Indraloka home.


We are thrilled to once again be able to welcome small groups of volunteers for outdoor projects.  In addition, we have volunteer projects that can be done remotely as well. We can engage your organization’s staff individually or as a group, depending on your volunteer and community goals.

in Person:

Animal Care Volunteers: 

Caring for farm animals is hard work! 

We often need help cleaning stalls, repairing barns and plenty of people to help keep the animals company.  This is hard, heavy labor but is extremely rewarding, especially when a sheep or pig gives you a nuzzle and a cuddle to say “thank you”. 

Group projects include:

  • Raking out barns and making them cozy and comfortable for the animals.
  • Clearing the pastures of overgrowth and waste so that the animals have all the area they need for grazing.
  • Seasonally, gardening help and pumpkin placement.  When pumpkins are donated in the fall, we need help placing them around the sanctuary to keep it festive and convenient to feed the animals one of their favorite treats.

All group volunteer projects include a full tour and time to visit with the animals.  Schedule your project today by contacting our office at


Gratitude volunteers: 

Our gratitude volunteers spend time saying Thank You to the wonderful people who support Indraloka.  It may be donors, guests, animal care volunteers or anyone who gives of their time or personal resources to make sure the animals are well cared for.  Gratitude volunteers make phone calls or write personal thank you notes and can complete tasks on their own time from any location.  We share a list of names, addresses and/or phone numbers as appropriate.  Note cards and postage are supplied by Indraloka.  Volunteers making phone calls would need to use a personal or business phone as appropriate.  All Gratitude Volunteers are provided either a phone or note script.

Skills Based Volunteers: 

We are often in need of graphic designers, web developers and writers to assist with our media and fundraising efforts.  Skills-based volunteers are often needed on a project-by-project basis.  Each project has its own timeline and schedule but all volunteers would be directed by the appropriate member of Indraloka staff to ensure they had a contact to connect with when questions or challenges arise. 

In Kind Needs

While financial resources are always important, there are several items that Indraloka accepts throughout the year.  Corporate teams can organize a “drive” to engage employees or, if appropriate for your business, these items can often be donated in bulk as an in-kind corporate sponsorship.  Items in need are:

  • Cat food (preferably containing no red dye)
  • Hay
  • Pumpkins (seasonally only—undecorated and uncarved)
  • Fresh Produce
  • Copier paper
  • Clean towels and blankets
  • Veterinary Medical equipment (contact our office for details)

Other Ways to Engage

If none of the above meet your engagement or community support needs, we welcome the chance to further discuss your goals and ideas.  We are committed to connecting with our community and finding opportunities that help us both. 

Please connect with us and let us know how we can be of more help.


Indraloka is pleased to recognize our corporate partners in our communications and interactions with our donors and visitors.

Social Media MentionXXXXX
Listing on websiteXX
Logo on WebsiteXXX
Listing in annual reportXXXXX
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Press ReleaseX

For gifts above $10,000, we would be pleased to create a custom recognition package for your organization that is in line with your community goals and plans.

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