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SPONSORSHIP | Indraloka Animal Sanctuary


Sponsorship is a very special way for you to be a part of an animal’s life. Your support helped save their life, but we rely on sponsors to give them the life they deserve.

Often, many see a rescue of an animal as the happy ending to the story. Their life is saved now—all is well. And it is! But that wellness comes with hard work through limited resources. Our commitment is to care for each and every animal until the end of their life. The animals need medical care, food, shelter, companionship, and love. Our dedicated staff watches over each of them carefully for medical needs that often arise when a farmed animal lives to an elderly age. Much like humans, their care needs increase as they get older. We do everything we can to ensure their quality of life.

That is why the animals need you to join their Circle of Compassion or to become their Lifeline Sponsor.

As a member of their Circle of Compassion, you will help cover the costs of those things that each animal needs— nutritious food, warm shelter, world-class veterinary care, companionship, and love.
By joining an animals’ Circle of Compassion with a monthly gift of $25 or more per month, you will receive:

  • A Beautiful 8×10 photo to represent your sponsorship
  • A personalized Certificate of Sponsorship
  • Monthly updates on the species you sponsor
  • A story about one of the animals your sponsorship supports

Your generosity truly helps to provide a “heaven on earth” for the animal beloveds, and we are forever grateful.

As an animal Lifeline Sponsor, YOU are the backbone of their care by funding that care for an entire year of their life. You are their person, and your sponsorship will provide them with their nutritious food, warm shelter, world-class veterinary care, companionship, and love.
The cost of becoming a lifeline sponsor depends on the species of the animal you would like to sponsor and can be done monthly, yearly, or for their entire life.

By joining becoming someone’s lifeline sponsor, you will receive:

  • All the benefits of joining a Circle of Compassion, including a sponsorship package with a beautiful 8×10 photo to represent your sponsorship, a story about one of the animals your sponsorship supports, and a personalized Certificate of Sponsorship.
  • Regular updates about the animal you sponsor throughout your Lifeline Sponsorship
  • Photos and videos of the animal you sponsor
  • Opportunities to spend personal time with the animal you sponsor in person
  • Professional photos of you and your animal together taken by Creative Director, Johnny Braz

As a lifeline sponsor, you are truly a lifesaver, and we are forever grateful.

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