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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I just come and visit?

Unfortunately, we are not equipped to welcome guests without advanced scheduling.  Our staff is small and we do not have the resources to maintain regular hours of operation where we are open to the public.

Can I bring my own lunch/food?

We have a very strict policy on outside food for several reasons.  We are a plant-based/vegan organization and do not allow any animal products on the property at any time.  This is out of respect for the animals and we ask all of our guests to honor this policy. 

If a guest is carrying any type of food with them while visiting the animals, it could easily be sniffed out and nibbled on.  Many of the animals are on special diets.  While they do enjoy treats, we have to be very careful about what they eat, closely monitoring them for any adverse reactions or interactions with medications.  

Why do I have to sign a waiver?  I don’t want photos taken of me.

Our visitors’ agreements help to make sure everyone understands what is expected. We completely understand if you’d prefer not to have photos taken and are happy to accommodate your request. Please notify us in advance via email HERE of your arrival so that we can have a paper copy of the waiver available for your signature

Unfortunately, without a signed waiver, you will not be able to participate in any of our programs.

Why can we only go inside some of the pastures?

Just like humans, the animals have unique and individual personalities.  They don’t all get along with each other all of the time and some of them have been rescued from especially hard situations. 

Not all of the animals enjoy visitors and some are understandably nervous around strangers and new friends.  We always let the animals decide whether or not they want to visit and some of them have let us know definitively that they are NOT feeling sociable and that it’s best to love them from a distance. 

In addition, some of the larger animals who love visitors very much are not always aware of their size.  They can be very excited to visit with you and if you’re with a large group, it can be a challenge for our staff to monitor body language and keep everyone safe from accidents. 

If there is a particular animal you’d like to spend time with more intimately, the best way is through one of our VIP tours.  Small groups can usually be managed while visiting larger animals.

What happens to the eggs, wool and fleece?  Why don’t you use them?

At Indraloka we believe that no animal should be exploited or used by anyone else.  We are also not legally allowed to sell or give away eggs or wool.  Many of the birds are on medications so the eggs are composted.  The sheep and alpaca are sheared once every spring and the wool is composted as well.

I want to buy something from the online store but I don’t want to pay shipping.  Can I pick it up?

Yes!  Please contact our staff via email HERE or
call 570-763-2908 and someone can help make sure you are not charged shipping and that someone is available to meet you.

Why do you ask for cat food donations?  I thought you didn’t rescue cats.

There are over 30 cats who call Indraloka home.  In most cases, they have found us—we are not a cat rescue.  However, if any animal is in need of medical care, we do our best to provide it. 

Over the years, the cats at Indraloka have come to depend on us for food.  But because cats are not vegan, we can not use donated funds to purchase cat food that contains animal products.  By receiving donated cat food, we are able to keep the cats healthy and still respect the wishes of our donors.

Can I bring my dog?

We love and respect all animals, including service, emotional support, and companion animals.  However, many of our animals may be frightened of them.

So, for the safety and comfort of our animals and guests, we have to ask that you please leave companion and emotional support animals at home. Fully trained service animals are permitted but must be haltered or on an appropriate leash and under your supervision at all times. 

If you are visiting with a service animal, please notify us prior to your visit. Additionally, neither you nor your service animal will be able to enter any animal areas. We’re sorry but we can not welcome companion animals or emotional support animals in any capacity.

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