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sponsor an animal

When you sponsor a rescued farmed animal, you are ensuring that they have all they need for a happy, healthy, full life without fear.

Each of our beloveds has experienced horrific abuse and nightmarish living circumstances. Your support helps them to leave that world behind, providing them with safety and healing, nutritious food, quality veterinary care, medication, a comfortable home, and all the love they could possibly want.

When you give monthly, you provide a reliable source of support to directly meet these needs. You can also become a lifeline sponsor–covering the cost of care for a full year! Your sponsorship can be directed to a specific animal or species. Whichever you choose, know that you are making a kinder, more compassionate world.

Become a Lifeline Sponsor!


Join a Circle of Compassion

A Circle…
it’s a shape with no beginning or end. It’s never-ending, continuous.  You’re giving continuous kindness when you join a Circle of Compassion with a monthly gift.  

With your monthly gift of $25 or more, you will receive:

  • A certificate of sponsorship for your selected species or specific resident.
  • A special window cling to share your support everywhere you go!
  • Updates on the beloved animal or species you are sponsoring

A Lifeline…
someone to depend on, providing a means of escape from a difficult situation.  As a Lifeline Sponsor, you are providing for their complete care for an entire year.

With your lifeline sponsorship, you will receive:

  • All of the Circle of Compassion benefits PLUS:
  • An invitation to tour the sanctuary in person or virtually to meet your sponsored animal! (A $150 value)
  • A professional 8×10 portrait of your sponsored animal or species, taken by our Creative Director, Johnny Braz

Monthly sponsors may also access Lifeline Sponsor benefits when their monthly donations reach the species’ Lifeline Sponsorship amount in a 12-month period.

Sponsor Animals at Indraloka

Join the Circle of Compassion

Two pigs enjoying the sun at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary


Indraloka is home to both large and small pigs. They spend their days cuddled up and napping together, enjoying the sunshine and are always up for a tasty produce treat.

Turkeys eating pumpkins during Thanksliving celebration


The turkeys are loud and proud to be living at Indraloka. On any given day, you can find them wandering about the bird village and checking in with the caregivers to make sure everything is in order!

Rescued Alpacas on a meadow


Indraloka’s sweet alpacas are inquisitive and love to be in the loop on everything going on at the sanctuary. Some of them reside with their sheep friends, while others share their home with the pigs.

3 rescue goats enjoying hay


The goats at Indraloka have a wide variety of personalities. Some are very calm, reserved, and affectionate, while others are mischievous and playful!

three cows enjoying the sun and their freedom


Indraloka’s cows are mellow and kind. They have formed strong bonds with each other and love to spend their days grazing in their pastures together or enjoying the shade of their barn. They absolutely love sweet produce treats, such as pumpkins and watermelons!

three rescued sheep enjoying the sun on a meadow


The sheep all wander together as a flock at Indraloka. They love attention and head scratches more than anything.

Chickens eating a meal at Indraloka


Indraloka is home to many chickens, all coming from different backgrounds. They are always ready to enjoy any tasty treat shared with them and many enjoy cuddling up on humans’ laps when they visit the bird village.

two black and brown rescue horses on a field

Horses and Mules

The horses and mules at Indraloka are quiet and reserved. They spend their days munching on yummy hay and are always keeping a close watch on everything happening around the sanctuary.

two ducks swimming peacefully


The ducks and geese at Indraloka have a lot to say, and they make sure they are heard! Whether they are swimming around in their ponds or spending their days hanging out inside the lake house, they are certain to say hi when someone stops by to see them.

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