GROUP VISITS & FIELD TRIPS | Indraloka Animal Sanctuary




  • 90-minute tour including animal introductions and their stories of resilience, determination, and unconditional love
  • Educational Facts on 14 species and their habitats taught by a certified PA teacher
  • Age appropriate lessons on advocacy, environmental sustainability, and animal care
  • Optional discussion on career exploration in animal care, education, the arts, nonprofit leadership, environmental stewardship, veterinary medicine
  • 30 minutes of (choose 1 or 2)  art, games, gardening activity, or other playful creative components 
  • Optional discussion on self care techniques taught by a certified Trauma and Resilience Specialist in Education
  • Q&A, and interactive time with the animals
  • Bring your own apples, pumpkins, watermelons to give the pigs a party


  • Small healthy snack – $5/person
  • Additional hour for art, games, activities – $10/person
  • Lunch – $12/person

Public schools and nonprofits may apply for a discounted price with special consideration given to percentage of students eligible


“The last two years we took the kindergarten classes at our school to the Indraloka Animal Sanctuary. Both trips were very organized and educational. The students and adults loved the trip and I received feedback from both about how much they learned. The staff at the sanctuary were all very welcoming, friendly, and knowledgeable. I enjoyed the trips so much that I took my own children there as well. I am excited to return to the sanctuary in the future!”
– S. Peterman, Kindergarten

“This was the best trip we’ve taken in my 22 years of teaching. Thank you for making lasting memories for the kids, and for us, too.”
– KP, Kindergarten

“Sarah, we can’t thank you enough. The kids were so engaged and have talked about it for weeks ahead of time, they were completely self-motivated to learn more about the stories of the animals and they have been teaching each other during recess rather than playing. The food was yummy, the adults were well prepared, the activities were diverse, and we look forward to another trip, next year. Thank you.”
– AM, 3rd grade

“Sarah, thank you for inviting us. The kids are so happy to see the animals grow and change over time, our first visit in the rain was still a beautiful day, and our second visit was just pure joy. Thank you. It’s never easy to accommodate wheelchairs, walkers, canes, and unique student needs but truly, even under difficult weather circumstances you were able to modify for our kids and that is something special. Thank you.”
– SS, Life Skills K-12

“As an 11 year public school teacher in Philadelphia, I witnessed true transformation of students aged 7-13 at Indraloka’s Earth Camp. I saw a student with hyperactivity sit for 2 hours completely focused on painting the resident peacock. After learning the sanctuary’s definition of compassion, a student carried a chair for another with a leg cast so they could sit during parts of the nature hike. Several souls brightened when chickens and cats sat together on their laps to enjoy cuddle time, thwarting common ideas of hate between species. A student was registered for the second camp, because mom had never had a better week with her child, discussing the facts and friendships gained while attending the first camp. Storyboards and journaling activities rendered concepts of kindness toward all, mindfulness and a true love for their time with the animals. The depth and breadth of social emotional and communicative growth I witnessed was astounding.”
– AZ, Special Education K-6

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