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Indraloka Animal Sanctuary provides internship opportunities for high school juniors and seniors, college and graduate students, and non-traditional students in numerous areas. If students are interested in an area aligned with our mission but not included below, we may be able to create additional focal areas. These internships can be for credit or non-credit hours, and are generally unpaid, unless otherwise discussed with the Director of Education.

Available Internship positions include:

Animal care and veterinary medicine

Learn basic animal care skills alongside our on-site veterinarian, vet assistant, animal caregivers, and assistant animal caregivers. Learn about medical terminology, nutrition, 13+ farm animal species, and more. Students studying biology, pre-vet or veterinary medicine, vet tech, and related majors may be best suited for this opportunity.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is a fully accredited, globally renowned leader in farm animal rescue. Our culture is supportive, inclusive, and rewarding.


Indraloka provides “heaven on earth” for farm animals that have nowhere else to turn.

We inform, inspire, and empower the community, especially children, on ways in which we can better care for ourselves and the environment while helping animals in need. We advocate for a kind and compassionate lifestyle that protects animals, the earth, and our own health.


Assist with events, summer camp, field trips, literacy programs, arts focused education, and more. There is programming at Indraloka for children of all ages. Activities may include visits with animals, outdoor sports, indoor/outdoor games, and creative fun. Students interested in education, early childhood development, social work, psychology, leadership, or coaching may be a fit.

Graphic design and art

Working on outreach as well as programming, content development, film and photography, this individual will have creative freedom and opportunities to contribute as an artist, teacher, and participant in art-related programs. This
individual will work closely with both the Development and Education teams.

Environmental science, land stewardship, Botany and horticulture

Developing and maintaining walking trails, contributing to grounds upkeep, assisting with environmental education projects, Garden creation, development, and upkeep, grounds upkeep, contributing to education programs

Carpentry, Mechanics, related

Fence maintenance, barn upkeep, utilizing lumber and supplies available to create structures, signs, Tractor and mower upkeep and projects, etc.

To apply for an internship

send a resume and cover letter to

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