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As you read this, 2/3 of all of the animals alive in the world today are suffering in factory farms.

Raising animals for food and dairy is a cruel business. Even on humane and organic farms, animals are forced to live unnaturally and treated as if their feelings and their lives are worthless. This industry is no kinder to the farmers and workers than it is to the animals. This is tough, dirty work and workers often suffer terribly.

We advocate for a world in which all of us, human and nonhuman alike, live in harmony with nature and one another.

The lives of farm animals do matter.
Their suffering is unnecessary.

And we get so many more benefits from being their friends than from causing them pain. We have an opportunity to heal the earth, heal ourselves, save people from starving, and create a kinder world for animals.

It all begins on your plate, and it is easy!


Current situations and what you can do

Bloomsburg’s (PA) plans to euthanize Geese

Read about it here.

who to contact:

  • Complain at city council and HOA board meetings.

Recommended talking points

  • Killing will only backfire; If the environment remains attractive/accessible to these animals, more will arrive for the still-available resources resulting in an endless killing cycle.
  • An integrated adaptive-management program involving habitat modification e.g. increasing vegetation on lawns and letting bushes flourish along banks; exclusion e.g. installing short fencing/barriers; and repellents e.g. grape-flavored sprays applied to grass and flashing lights installed on lakes is crucial for reducing Canada goose numbers effectively and lastingly.
  •  A prohibition against feeding wildlife should be enforced.
  • Be sure to mention that USDA-APHIS Wildlife Services’ kill-happy approach (when nonlethal measures are effective and affordable), failure to mitigate animal suffering, and lack of transparency are legendary:

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