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We rely on the kindness and compassion of our friends and neighbors to make Indraloka the amazing place that it is.  There are so many ways you can get involved with Indraloka and make an impact!  Choose the one that’s right for you.

♥ Volunteering:

We have many opportunities to lend a hand whether it’s helping with animal care, site construction and maintenance, administrative tasks, and fundraising.  Are you a corporation looking for volunteer opportunities as a team?  We have one-day in-person and virtual options so you can help your team learn and grow together.  Contact Stephen at stephen@indraloka.org to explore options.

♥ Monthly Giving:

Did you know you can automate your gift into a monthly contribution?  Your monthly support helps us know we can count on you to help us care for the animals and provide impactful educational programs for everyone who visits Indraloka.  Learn more by clicking here.

♥ Sponsor an animal:

Our animals need more than just a safe place to live.  They need food, water, and sometimes significant veterinary care.  We want all of them to live long and happy lives so we care for them in the best way possible.  Each animal has his or her own unique needs.  You can help provide a month, year, or lifetime of support by sponsoring an animal.  Gifts can be made monthly, annually, or in a single gift to support our friends for the rest of their time with us.  Set up a sponsorship here.

♥ Circle of Compassion:

Our Circle of Compassion is made up of a group of special friends who support the organization annually with operating gifts of $1,000-$100,000.  These close friends understand that to best care for the animals and our community, we need to take care of all aspects of the organization from animal care to hiring the best staff possible.  Members of the Circle of Compassion receive a number of benefits including unlimited tours, discounted event tickets, and behind-the-scenes updates on what’s happening at the Sanctuary.  You can become a member too—learn more by clicking here or by contacting Robin Olson at robin@indraloka.org.

♥ Join us on Social Media:

One of the best ways you can support Indraloka is by helping to spread the word about our work and the impact our beloveds have had on you.  Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

♥ VIP Tours:

We are offering small private tours (6 people or fewer) of our Dalton facility at a day and time that works best for you.  Tours will be led by Indraloka’s Founder, Indra Lahiri, or Creative Director, Johnny Braz. During your tour, you will walk the beautiful sanctuary grounds, have the chance to step inside the brand new, state-of-the-art barns, and meet the beloved animals who call Indraloka home.  There are several options for tours.  Learn more by visiting the VIP Tours page here.

♥ Virtual Tours:

If you’re outside of the area or can’t travel to visit us in person, we’d be pleased to offer a virtual tour.  Virtual tours can be shared with an unlimited number of guests and can be scheduled at a day and time that is convenient for you and your group.  Learn more HERE.

♥ ThanksLiving Tickets/Sponsorships:

ThanksLiving is going VIRTUAL!  We are excited to share ThanksLiving and our Feast for the Birds with the world.  Join us on Thursday, November 19th at 7 pm from the comfort of your own home.  This event is free but we have several options for sponsorships and exclusive participation.  Learn more by visiting the ThanksLiving page.

♥ Start a Fundraiser:

Social media, lemonade stand, auction, or 5k—the options are only as limited as your imagination and creativity!  You can design your own fundraising event to help support Indraloka.  Are you a corporation looking for ways to engage your team around a mission?  We can help!  Contact Robin Olson in our development office at robin@indraloka.org to get started.

♥ Check Out Our Online Store:

Show your support with Indraloka gear!  We have everything from hoodies to re-useable water bottles.  Visit our online store here- COMING SOON!

♥ Sign up for an event:

Indraloka events give you a way to interact with our beloveds in unique ways whether its Cow Contemplation or Hopeful Heroes Earth Camp.  Check out our events page and come see us soon!

♥ Workplace Giving:

Did you know you can have contributions taken out of your paycheck automatically?  Contact your HR or payroll department to get started or contact Robin Olson in our development office at robin@indraloka.org.

♥ EITC Donations:

Is your business an approved EITC corporation?  Indraloka is an approved non-profit!  Our Hopeful Heroes program provides a variety of educational opportunities for students, k-12.  If you’re interested in making an EITC contribution, contact Robin Olson at robin@indraloka.org.

♥ Donate Stock:

Did you know Indraloka can accept gifts of common stock?  Contact Robin Olson in our development office to learn more.

♥ Make an estate gift:

By leaving a legacy of compassion you are ensuring that Indraloka will live on after you have passed on.  It’s one of the most beautiful, selfless gestures someone can make and we would be honored as a recipient of your generosity.  Contact your financial advisor or our development office for preferred language on how to select Indraloka as a beneficiary of your estate.

♥ PayPal Giving Fund:

PayPal Giving Fund makes donating easy! PayPal Giving Fund receives donations through these customer giving programs, provides donation and donor reports to charities, administers tax benefits for donors, delivers donations, and handles legal registration requirements. Through PayPal Giving Fund, people can seamlessly support their communities and the causes for which they feel most passionate.  Donate to Indraloka through PayPal Giving Fund here.

♥ Learning Opportunities:

You can learn more and be a part of Indraloka’s mission by participating in our educational programs, by reading our blog, and listening to our podcast.  Opportunities are updated often—sign up for our Moosletter to stay up to date on all that’s happening at the Sanctuary.

♥ ResQWalk:

You can raise money for the animals at Indraloka just by biking, running, or even walking! Download the ResQWalk app to your phone and turn it on during your morning run, your walk to work, or your bike ride to a friends house – any activity under 14mph will be tracked, and Indraloka will earn a dollar amount for each mile logged. Learn more and create an account by clicking the here.

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