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Indraloka provides a peaceful sanctuary for humans and nonhumans alike,

offering opportunities to heal, learn, grow and play while reconnecting with nature, rescued farm animals, and our own selves. Through facilitating interrelationships, Indraloka empowers and educates the community to build resilience, spread kindness, create hope, spark curiosity, and embody compassion.

Picture a sanctuary nestled amidst rolling hills, where the echoes of the past are met with the promise of a different future. This is Indraloka, where humans and animals forge bonds of understanding, and the landscape becomes a canvas for rewriting the narratives of trauma into stories of healing.

Founded in 2005 by Indra Lahiri, Indraloka moved from its original 30 acres in Mehoopany, Pennsylvania to nearly 100 acres in Dalton, PA (conveniently located two hours from both Philadelphia and New York, and only 15-minutes from Scranton) in the spring of 2020. Indraloka rescues and provides lifetime care for the most at-risk animals in the world – farm animals facing abuse, neglect, hoarding, and worse.

Indraloka, which means “Heaven for the Gods” in Sanskrit (an ancient Indian language), is accredited by both the Global Federation of Animal Sanctuaries (GFAS), earned in 2016, and the American Sanctuary Association (ASA), earned in 2018.  Indraloka also holds Guidestar’s coveted Platinum Seal for its commitment to financial integrity and transparency.

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building resilience

Learn more about our Building Resilience comprehensive campaign.

Indraloka Animal Sanctuary is creating a kinder, more compassionate world through four key strategies:

Farm animal rescue

We take direct action to stop animal exploitation through rescuing farmed animals, advocating on their behalf, and providing them with lifetime safe sanctuary.

Rescued brown calf

nepa rescue veterinary clinic

We enable more animals to be rescued and to stay in their homes through providing discounted veterinary services to shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries, as well as to low-income households.

A feral cat under anesthesia is being neutered at the NEPA VET Rescue Clinic at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary

building resilience

We build happier, healthier communities through:

Indraloka Heals – helping those recovering from trauma or simply dealing with life’s everyday stress to heal and grow.

Indraloka Connects: Insight to Action – helping organizations to build trauma informed, resilient, and inclusive cultures.

painting of a red barn on Indraloka Animal Sanctuary and green, yellow fields with a rainbow

compassion classroom

We prepare children to be healthy, resilient community leaders by inspiring learning and growth through innovative and engaging out-of-school educational opportunities for kids of all ages, prioritizing marginalized children and youth. 

A group of kids interacting and petting a rescued relaxed pig

Meet some of our animals!

Click on one of the images below or here to meet some of our animals!


Rosie Cocoa Rose, Rosie for short, was just a tiny newborn lamb when…

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a black and white rescued turkey and a white rescued chicken on grass in front of a wooden fence


I was looking for a safe place.  Everything I knew was gone.  The…
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A rescued horse at Indraloka Animal Sanctuary


In fall of 2022, Sheera, along with 9 other horses, were rescued…

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Rescued lama with white face and black ears, nose and mouth


Pax, meaning Peace, is the youngest and largest of the group of…

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Gauri, a Sanskrit word meaning white, or shining and brilliant, is the…

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