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You changed a life today…

It was a warm fall day as they walked from the art barn to the pastures. A small band of women clad in barn clothes and boots, everyone was prepared to get dirty. As with many visitors to Indraloka, these women were grieving.

They had come looking for peace and comfort—even if that wasn’t something they could articulate. They visited with the animals, taking time to share stories and thoughts about whatever might cross their minds.

They sat with sweet Duncan as he napped. They wandered among the sheep as they pressed their bodies against their legs. The chickens and turkeys followed as they strolled with the mini pigs. The sun warmed their faces, and the closeness warmed their hearts.

They all came away stepping lighter and feeling hope–and it’s because of you.

Will you give today? If you give before December 31st, your gift will be matched! Your support has a direct impact on the number of people who visit. So often the human stories of healing are lost in the rescue tales of the animals. As humans you often overlook your own pain and push down emotions for fear of appearing weak or seeing yourself as damaged. You are left weary and even faded versions of your best self.

Where is the sanctuary for humans?
Where can you go when you need emotional shelter and a solid foundation beneath your feet?

You come here! You plant your feet in the mud and feel solid. You sink your fingers into the soft wool of a sheep and feel warm. You sit with a chicken on your lap and have companionship. You stand in awe of the largest cow you’ve ever seen and know that something even bigger is happening around you. That’s hope. That’s healing.

This is what you provide. Your support today gives sanctuary to not only rescued animals, but to the hurting and lost in our community.

Will you give today and help them heal and find their way?
It takes just $32 to make a difference. Just $32 covers the cost of our education programs for 1 child. $47 can impact a classroom of 3rd graders through our pen pal program. $63 brings an entire bus of homeschooled children for a 2-hour field trip. With your help, this past year we welcomed thousands to Indraloka, inviting them to experience the hope and healing that the animals bring. From the youngest of children to the most experienced adult, they came and were changed because of you.

None of this work is possible without your support. The world around us is hurting. The animals shine a light in the darkness of this world, bringing kindness and compassion with it.

You may be asking, so what? So you have animals. So people can come and be close to them. What difference can it possibly make?

I’ll let one of our recent visitors tell you:

“I came with [a friend]. I had my two girls with me and to say it was life-changing for my younger daughter would be an understatement. 
She has always been an anxious child though after Sandy Hook followed by COVID her anxiety is at an all-time high.

Today I saw an 11-year old with no cares in the world feed a cow. To see her body relax, a smile on her face, and her breath light, it brought me to tears. The entire way home she [said] it’s her second favorite place, that is, next to our house. She asked if I could drive her up tomorrow. 

As a mother, it was a moving experience and one that I would love to help foster for other children.

Thank you is not enough as it was the first time in forever I saw her this free.

Your support makes a difference—not only for the animals but for everyone who visits. Together we can change the world. Together, we can begin to repair the damage caused by so much pain.

Warmly and with gratitude,

Indra Lahiri

PS. Your gift makes a difference. Please give today and restore hope to the hurting. Give by December 31st and your gift will be matched!

Did you know you can donate stock to Indraloka?  Contact Robin Olson in our development office at for more information.

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