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Snuffleupagus (Gus for short) is a Scottish Highlander who was part of a nearby herd, and she was about to be slaughtered. The farmer had gotten a gas lease, so he decided to get out of the farming business and send his whole herd off. We were able to negotiate to save just one cow from the whole herd, and we are quite grateful to have her.

When Gus first arrived at Indraloka several years ago, the farmer told us he had never touched her. She had been born on pasture and remained there with the herd, having little contact with humans. She was standoffish with us at first, but after about six months she began to relax and soon began coming to us for affection and attention.

Gus watches everything at the sanctuary underneath her shaggy bangs. She especially loves cats and spends quite a bit of time with two cats named Boo and Jinx.

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