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When Jeremiah came to us in 2014, we weren’t sure whether he was going to live. He was so weak and malnourished that he was unable to stand up or regulate his own body temperature. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves that our job is to provide the best care and as much love, no matter the prognosis, and like many others, that was the case with Jeremiah.

We placed him under a heat lamp and snuggled him in warm blankets. We fed him by syringe and stayed by his side 24-hours a day. Because of Jeremiah’s strong will and determination, he survived.

Watch the heartwarming video below to learn more about Jeremiah and his rescue, or read his story in Indraloka’s Blog.

Today, Jeremiah thrives, beaming with big peaceful eyes at every animal and visitor to the sanctuary. He spends his days with his best friend in the world, Eddie Traffic, grazing their pasture and snuggling together in their house. Jeremiah brings us joy and laughter every day and we love him dearly.

Jeremiah would love for you to join his Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring him with a monthly donation of any amount.

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