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Eddie Traffic

Eddie Traffic jumped off a truck headed for slaughter two days before Christmas. When he jumped, he was in the middle of traffic on a busy New Jersey Highway. A kind truck driver from a few cars back pulled over and blocked Eddie from traffic with his truck. He sat in heavy traffic for several hours until another truck came to take him to a farm, temporarily.

Meanwhile, Farm Sanctuary was contacted about taking Eddie. They decided they couldn’t take him and called us to take him instead. We agreed. A few days later another kind individual offered to transport Eddie from his temporary home to Indraloka. You can read more about his journey home on Indraloka’s blog.

Ever since Eddie arrived he has been quite the adventurous individual. He is very energetic and full of life, and he loves absolutely everyone. He is best friends with Jeremiah and his favorite treat is strawberries. He enjoys his days wallowing in the mud with his brothers, grazing on grass, napping, and rooting.

Eddie is also the star of his own major motion film, Truckin, which follows his story from the highway to Indraloka.

Truckin’ was filmed and directed by Indraloka’s Creative Director, Johnny Braz. He has his own Facebook page, too!

The full-length movie is available here for free.


Eddie would love for you to join his Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring him with a monthly donation of any amount.

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