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Beti (pronounced BET-ah) was living with a flock of wild geese, although she is domestic. One day, employees of a Dollar Store in Ohio saw her get hit by a car. They were very kind and rushed to her care, and took her to a vet to be treated. Shortly after, in the spring of 2015, she came to live at Indraloka. At first, she was terrified of people, and she stuck close by to her friend Ana.

black and white photo of a goose

Today, she prefers to be more of a loner and spends much of her time on her own. Due to lingering effects of her injuries, her wing had an infection that would not heal. Sadly, after a year of working with the vet to treat her, it became clear that her wing had to be amputated. The surgery was in April of 2016 and it went very well, and she is now much more comfortable. Beti’s favorite food is greens of any kind.

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