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Beloved Blue

On a hot summer day in 2008, Ming Nau, who had been rescued from a horrific situation just the day before, gave birth. One day sooner, and Blue and her siblings would not have made it. They would have been born into a dangerous, dark place where the pigs never had what they needed. Instead, they were born on Ming Nau’s first full day of freedom. On the evening of October 17th, Blue ate her yummy dinner, enjoyed a few extra treats, then snuggled into her bed with her sister, Isis. Blue died in her sleep overnight. 

When we lose a beloved, we humans at Indraloka pause in our work and gather together to sing and talk and pray in our own ways. Often, beloveds of other species join us. This morning, Cap’n Marble, the Marvelously Unsheepish Sheep, Nod, and Sunita all joined our circle around Blue’s body, which we had laid on a bed of straw and wildflowers. As we cried and comforted one another, Marble and Blue took time to comfort each of us, while Sunita snacked on the wildflowers. We laughed and cried and said our goodbyes, and eventually everyone dispersed to get back to work.

I walked to the far side of the sheep pasture, where Isis was grazing quietly. I sat down next to her. She kissed me, grunted, and went back to grazing while the songbirds kept singing and the sun kept shining. I knew Isis was grieving her sister, but also that she would do what she needed to take care of her heart. I felt Blue’s presence there, in the peaceful green quiet. And I thought of each of you. Thank you. Thank you for making this life possible for her. Thank you for giving her an entire lifetime of nothing but kind words, love, safety and care. I am so grateful. And I am just as grateful for all that Blue did for this world. How many humans did she comfort, bring joy to, listen to, and offer hope for? We may never know, but if you have special memories of times you spent with Blue, please share them. They would be such a comfort to us as we navigate this world without her– at least without her in the form we have always known.

Two pigs looking at a camera. The larger pig stands on the left and has blue eyes. The pig on the right has a muddy nose.

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