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Rescued goat Franklin at Indraloka
Indraloka Team Captain Franklin


Chandra was rescued in January of 2020. He was found abandoned on the side of the highway, emaciated and near death. A rough, rope-like, metal substance was embedded muscle-deep around his entire body. It had to have been wrapped very tightly for a very long time for it to be so deeply burrowed in his flesh. His pain must have been unbearable. The wound was severely infected, so he was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery to remove the material from his small body. 

He arrived at Indraloka late in the evening after his life-saving surgery and settled into his new home After surgery, Chandra began to gain weight, his wounds began to heal, and finally, he was accepting of love for the first time in his life. 

Today, Chandra spends his time rooting around his pasture and napping with his best friend, Mazzie. He is a sweet and curious boy who absolutely loves belly rubs and snacking on his favorite food, fresh fruit.

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