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Cap’n Marble, The Marvelously Unsheepish Sheep

Cap’n Marble the Marvelously Unsheepish Sheep, fondly known as Marble, is a charismatic and wonderful being.  Marble was the smallest of a set of triplets born at a farm where he was destined for slaughter, and his birth mom rejected him, likely because her instincts believed she could not produce enough milk to sustain all 3 babies.  Marble was bottle fed, and the employees caring for him fell in love with him and wished to save him from slaughter.  The farm was willing to send him to sanctuary, and Marble moved in as a bold, silly, brave lamb.  At the same time, Rupert the calf was growing up at Indraloka and the two of them became very best friends.  When they wanted human attention they knew to knock on the doors of the house and to stare through the windows calling for the humans to visit with them.  They were adventurous and affectionate as a duo- loving every guest of every age who visited the sanctuary.  Marble has grown up to be a brilliant sheep, and he has a special gift.  He knows when adults are scared of animals, and when children communicate in unique or different ways- some may be nonverbal- and Marble will choose those children time and time again to sit and share space.  He has often left behind his sheep friends and treats in order to spend time with the kids who need him most- he is truly a gift to the world around him.


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