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Moksha, nicknamed “Mookie,” came to Indraloka after he was unknowingly born at a farm. He was found in a field after his mother had been sold to slaughter, so he was motherless, tiny, and very weak. Mookie was extremely thin and he was covered in bugs and sores along his spine. There was manure encrusted on Mookie’s behind, his skin was dry, and he had spots of missing fur. The farmers waited too long to start giving him a bottle of calf formula, so he wasn’t eating and was very malnourished.

Luckily, a concerned family member found out about Mookie’s condition just in time and she called for our help in making Mookie’s life better. After many phone calls, we finally convinced her that the best thing to do for Mookie would be to give him to us. 

He was taken under his wing by the resident matriarch at the time, Penny, who had a miraculous story of her own surrounding Mookie’s arrival! You can read more about their special relationship on Indraloka’s blog or by watching his rescue video below.

Mookie came out of his shell thanks to the love of Penny along with his dear goat friend, Lief, both of whom have since passed. Sometimes a fellow being’s purpose in life is to help you shine, and boy does Mookie shine!

These days, Mookie spends his days happily grazing with the herd and relaxing in the shade of the cow patio on warm days. He most enjoys tussles with Lakshman and Jimmy and grooming elderly Gus. He is very gentle and extremely tolerant of humans, especially considering the conditions he was born into. His gentle nature doesn’t keep him from swinging his head and kicking his back legs when he’s excited, like when he moved to the new, larger cow pasture at our Dalton location!

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