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Piglets need sterilization surgery

Female piglets can grow quite quickly.  Because their bodies are fairly thin, they are more likely to have complications like abdominal hernia during their spay surgery.  When that happens, a second surgery is sometimes needed to repair the hernia, further complicating and lengthening recovery and paving the way for further issues later in life. 

A safer way to spay piglets is a laparoscopic ovariectomy which only removes her ovaries.  While more costly, it is much safer, less painful and has a shorter recovery time. 

Dr. Interlandi does not have the required equipment to perform this type of surgery, so our three gals will need to be seen at Cornel.  Your support will help cover the costs of surgery, transportation, recovery care and any follow up care they might need.

closeup of two rescue piglets with big pink noses smiling into the camera. They are sitting on white, grey, black, red quilts

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