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Sanjaya, One Year Later

It was just over a year ago that Sanjaya needed emergency rescue.  She was morbidly obese.  Her muscles had begun to atrophy from lack of use and she’d lost range of motion in her legs.  She could not stand or roll over on her own.  She was covered in bed sores and blinded by rolls of fat around her eyes.  She was left out in the cold and absolutely terrified.  We named her Sanjaya, a Sanskrit word that means triumphant or victorious.  

close up of a black potbelly pig on grass in front of a wooden fence

What a fitting name it was!  Sweet Sanjaya is doing well thanks to your kind support.  Getting healthy wasn’t always easy for her and she didn’t always love it.  She would squeal and cry in those early days when we helped her to walk.  It took a while for her to really enjoy the healthy meals.  But now, she spends her days in Duncan’s barn with Eve, Pablo and Chandra.  She can stand and walk on her own.  She’s lost enough weight that you can see her bright eyes–and she can see you right back!  She loves to root, but mostly, her favorite thing to do is nap.  She may or may not wake for a belly rub or treats. 

When you kindly donated to the Emergency Rescue fund, you said “YES!” to Sanjaya.  Yes to getting her out of a dangerous situation.  Yes to a healthy diet and lots of exercise.  Yes to a life filled with love and friendship. Hers truly is a story of triumph and victory.  

Caring for Sanjaya is a delight and a joy but it does not come without costs.  Like all the animals at Indraloka, she receives quarterly well checks to assess her progress and overall well-being.  She gets fresh fruit and veggies along with her balanced pig food and drinks gallons of water every day.  When you join her circle of compassion, you are making sure that the resources are available for her every need.  When Indraloka rescues any animal, it is for life.  We promise to take care of them from the moment they enter our lives until the moment they leave us in death.  Will you help us keep that promise and become Sanjaya’s sponsor? 

Read Sanjaya’s full bio and join her circle of compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring her with a monthly donation of any amount. Your gift will help cover the costs of nutritious food, warm shelter, and medical care.

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