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In a last-ditch effort, Dominic escaped from slaughter transport and evaded the humans around him to hide himself, trembling, in a pile of hay. He was found by a kind woman from Omega Horse Rescue, who begged the “kill buyer” to spare his life. Dominic was granted 24 hours grace in which his rescuer must find him sanctuary.

After many calls to several sanctuaries, and with a team of compassionate humans from New York to Canada working to find him safety, Dominic found his home at Indraloka. When Dominic arrived, he leaped from the transport truck yet again and rushed into his quarantine stall. He enjoyed a fresh salad and greeted everyone with a sniff and a smile.

Dominic now lives with Miss Lily Pie and Gavin and is truly a silly pig. He has learned a few bad manners from Lily, namely screaming for his breakfast and dinner with no apologies. However, his very favorite time is when he receives treats and produce. Dominic loves to grab his favorite foods from the pile and take them around in his mouth, with his head tilted upwards, making sure he shows everyone what he has!

Dominic would love for you to join his Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring him with a monthly donation of any amount.

To join Dominic’s Circle of Compassion and to help cover the costs of his nutritious food, warm shelter, and medical care, click the button below:

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