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Mazor Ner Tamid (Hebrew for Healing Eternal Light), or “Mazzie” for short, was rescued from an extreme case of cruelty and neglect by Humane Law Enforcement. He was brought to Indraloka with six other animals- four turkeys and two goats, all of whom had been living in deplorable conditions: unsafe, unsanitary, and without proper medical care. It appeared that Mazzie had suffered some sort of trauma to his back that left his spine deformed, causing partial paralysis. Because of this, he was only able to move on three legs and was barely able to move around on his own. At the time of his rescue, he couldn’t even evacuate waste without our help.

We kept a close eye on him. We nursed him to health as he slowly came to trust us, and with proper medication, physical therapy, and a whole lot of love, he began to improve immensely. He was offered a wheelchair, however, he eventually gained so much strength that he was able to move around more easily without it!

These days, Mazzie spends his days with his best friend Chandra, and he spends most of his days rooting in the sun, and yes, walking around on his own! Watch the video of him and Chandra:

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