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Nanda Sadhu

Nanda Sadhu, often referred to as just Sadhu, was rescued by a group of doctors on Long Island. One of the doctors had been purchasing milk from a local “humane” farm, and asked about a sign advertising veal for sale. They were shown four baby cows and learned that veal is actually a byproduct of dairy.

With this heartbreaking realization, they immediately began to negotiate for their release and successfully convinced the farmer to spare their lives, but he gave them just a few weeks to find them a home. Nanda Sadhu and his two brothers, Diraj and Lakshman, and one sister, Rachel, arrived at Indraloka in March 2018.

Nanda Sadhu is the timidest of the siblings. He arrived as the smallest, though he quickly caught up in size to his brothers and sister. He prefers the company of his siblings rather than the company of humans but does enjoy a good scratch around his horns. He loves lying down next to Rachel and relaxing, and he enjoys snacking on fresh watermelon.

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