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Beautiful Sunita escaped from a dire situation and was on the run for many weeks fighting for survival.

A local Humane Law Enforcement Officer worked tirelessly to gain her trust so that she could live a peaceful life here at the sanctuary and after many weeks of Sunita living on the side of the interstate and fending for herself, the officer was able to bring this clever and determined girl to the sanctuary.

Sunita was, understandably, very nervous when she arrived, but she quickly learned that we are her friends and that she is safe here. Sunita loves finding cozy, warm places to sleep, and enjoys fresh produce treats.

After being medically cleared, Sunita joined her best friend Rosie the sheep in their own pasture, and since then, they share a pasture with Sandy the alpaca and Duncan the pig, too!

Enjoy the video below
of Suntia and Rosie happily running with each other!

Sunita, which means daughter of Dharma, has had a long journey and we are inspired by her strong will to survive and belief in a better life which has led her here to us.

Sunita would love for you to join her Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring her with a monthly donation of any amount. 

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