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Eytana or “Eity”

Eytana, meaning steady, or Eity for short, was rescued while pregnant with twins. She was in labor for hours and first gave birth to a tiny little boy, Sukumar, weighing under 2 pounds.  As she continued to go through the birthing cycle, she passed a second baby who was not fully developed. 

We later learned that Eytana had been exposed to pneumonia prior to rescue while in her terribly unsafe and too crowded home and the baby was infected- Sukumar was also exposed but thrived- he was treated immediately after he was born. 

After it was clear that Eity was safe and well, the crowded barn started to empty, leaving Eity and her babies and the human who’d stayed behind to care for her.  Mr. Sukumar Sunshine Bean fell asleep on a heating pad.  Eity walked over and kissed her baby boy on his forehead gently, then lifted her face and kissed the human who’d stayed with her.  Then, she walked over to her baby who did not survive.  Eity stood for 20 minutes with her nose to the baby, grieving, honoring, and loving her, before finally walking back to her son and laying down for the first time all day, falling into a restful sleep with her face on the heating pad next to baby Sukumar. 
Mr. Sukumar Sunshine Bean is now 3 years old and still sleeps curled up with his mom every night.  They spend most of the day grazing side by side along with their other goat friends, and whenever one walks too far away the other cries to call them back.

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