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Close up of rescue goat Ramona

Ramona was bred on a small family dairy farm to provide milk for profit. She and Bapu bore five kids, while Bapu also bore two children with Serendipity. The entire goat family lived together until the dairy farm began to struggle financially. It was decided that all of these precious beings would be sent to auction, which would very likely result in slaughter.
Thanks to an extremely kind neighbor, Ramona and her entire family were spared this fate.

Instead, they will now spend the rest of their lives in peace and freedom at Indraloka.

Unknowingly, Ramona was pregnant when she was sent to the sanctuary. She was so early in her pregnancy that it did not show up on routine tests. She gave birth to two healthy boys (Soul and Sky) on January 27, 2020.

Despite being underweight, malnourished, and riddled with intestinal parasites, she arrived in great spirits and was very affectionate towards humans.

She loves to rub her head against the caregiver’s faces, and backs. She is very much the matron of the herd, taking great care of her kids but also making sure they know their place around her. She loves treats and is usually kind to her friends though she is not afraid to headbutt someone in the way of a good pile of hay. She doesn’t appear to have a strong bond with any particular goat and prefers to spend time with everyone.

Ramona would love for you to join her Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring her with a monthly donation of any amount.

To join Ramona’s Circle of Compassion and to help cover the costs of her nutritious food, warm shelter, and medical care, click the button below:

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