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Simcha and Divino

Simcha, meaning joy in Hebrew, is an easy going light hearted fellow.  He has the longest eyelashes of any being at the sanctuary, the curliest hair of the alpacas, and he is a quick and agile runner while he plays.  His best friend is Divino, although he gets along well with the entire alpaca family.  Simcha does not enjoy human contact, but he does like hearing humans sing and talk to him, and he makes incredibly expressive eye contact.

Divino, meaning divine, is the oldest of our alpaca herd.  He may be close to 20 years old, and he has lost most of his teeth!  Despite his age, he grazes, loves his grain, and is full of spirit and joy.  Divino is the most likely alpaca at Indraloka to accept head scratches and he likes to observe everything going on all around him.  He is a gentle soul with expressive dark brown eyes.

Simcha and divino would love for you to join their Circle of Compassion.

You can join it by sponsoring them with a monthly donation of any amount. 

To join Simcha and Divino’s Circle of Compassion and to help cover the costs of their nutritious food, warm shelter, and medical care, click the button below:

Rescued lama relaxing on a bed of straw in a barn

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